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About Dr. Loris Gillin

Across my life could be written ‘An Advocate For Life Long Learning’.

 Loris first entered the workforce in a Law office.  This occurred after a city Business College course prior to taking a position at a provincial city tertiary college.  At this juncture they were introducing a certificate course for a diploma. 

In the early years after marriage, and at a peak time for families arriving in Australia from the northern hemisphere, the Gillins flew to England to experience a Cambridge lifestyle and to snare a Ph.D.  Loris took hospitality courses offered by the County Council in those days.  This further equipped her for a later assignment in Washington D.C., to host diplomat couples.


Upon returning to Australia Loris qualified as a Psychologist.  Some time after registration she became Director of a Not for Profit Counselling Service, before psychologists became prevalent in Medical facilities.


The years between 2002 – 5 presented the ideal opportunity to study for a Ph.D.  Her topic expanded upon the Creation of Social Value as a desirable contribution to the Not for Profit sector.

Now in retirement, she has taken her later opportunities to attach to three international work parties.  These form the background to expanding upon in ‘Facets of the Kingdom.’

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