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A Good Read

My book, ‘Facets of the Kingdom,’ is intended to give you a good read. If it produces positive action, then that, too is a bonus. It comes to you as a sizeable introduction, followed by three travelogue experiences. Each is non-tourist; rather reporting on serving as a work party member of a major ethnic/religious group in each country.

If Covid rattled your security cage, this book uses different security settings to learn and adapt to each monotheistic faith group. ‘Facets’ allows for ‘the stranger in the crowd experience’ to sharpen your awareness of Muslim, Jewish and Christian perspectives on Almighty God.

It is also a non- fiction book and challenges the Reader in some way. Non-fiction is the broadest category of literature a person can read. Beliefs, behaviours and objects common to a particular readership are embodied. Through ‘Facets,’ I am speaking to Muslims, Jews and Christians. On the one hand I am speaking (a) about Culture, and on the other, about Spirituality.

Author Karen Armstrong uses the word ‘inserted’ to describe the Genesis account about God’s dealings with mankind. It is startling to think about God the Creator being interested in individual human beings. Although at a point in time Jesus was born as a babe; as God the Son, Jesus was ‘present at the Creation – In Him all things were created, and all things hold together’ – ‘things visible and invisible.’ After boyhood in the Mary and Joseph family Jesus lived in the Judean wilderness for forty days and nights, and God the Holy Spirit enlivened Him. He became Saviour, and is now King of Kings. GOD, is a Trinity --Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God intends for us to believe this. God also has expressed Jewish survival truth through the Jewish Torah as Jewish Law. God’s Grace and Truth came to the non-Jew through Jesus, the Saviour.

Our Culture allows this firm belief which is there to inform our Spirituality - ie. when these beliefs are internalized in our behaviour our spirit/soul soar; we become spiritually alive and have certainty.

Covid challenged our security with fear and uncertainty.

It is bliss to feel secure – Life or Death.

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