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My life has been built around the childhood character of Daniel, yes, the person in Babylon who was in the lions’ den. He must have been an outstanding subject because he and three others were imprisoned at a time when King Nebuchadnezzah held a celebratory feast for a thousand citizens. During proceedings a hand appeared which wrote on the plaster of the wall. The King’s colour changed, and his thoughts alarmed him. His counsellors had no interpretation for this. This occurred some time between 586 and 332 B.C.

Nebuchadnezzah had signed a petition leading to enforcing every person to be subject to the law of the Medes and Persians. It became high stakes when his Queen said “In your kingdom is Daniel—he is exceptional.” To satisfy the kingdom policing, Daniel was delivered to the lion’s den: no need for guns or bullets, then. Along the way the king said “May your God whom you serve continually deliver you.”

Daniel survived the ordeal in the lions den. In climax speak, Daniel said “My God sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths and they have not hurt me.”

The episodes of my life have reinforced the belief that the Jewish God can be trusted.

What an inheritance to live with!

Now, living in Queensland, I rise most mornings to see the sun rising over Moreton Bay and the glory of God streaked in the pre-dawn clouds.

In an endeavour to continue to experience a harmonious relationship with Jewish neighbours and friends I have, during Covid, been writing ‘FACETS of the KINGDOM.’ It is soon to be released and in the name of good relations and a shared Culture this Media alert invites you to read, and enjoy. It is available on line or if preference prevails, at a well known bookshop. ‘ENDS’

Before marriage, I taught commercial subjects at a provincial college, and went the 100 miles from Melbourne Monday to Friday. My future husband became a Research Scientist and his career took us to Cambridge, U.K., Washington, U.S. and laboratories in s.e. states of Australia.

This has made me adaptable to where I have lived, people I have known, and a spread of experiences I have had.

Dr. Loris Gillin,

0412 604 621

Loris now lives at home in Australia, having lived abroad during her husband’s career. Educated in both the United States and Australia, she also enjoys gardening, music, and people watching. Loris has a son and a daughter, both of whom are now adults.

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